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Mindjack – The Future Of Games

Mindjack – The Future Of Games

Is Mindjack the future of games? Apparently so, according to producer Yoshinori Yamagishi, talking exclusively to Play.

“Games have evolved along two paths,” Yamagishi explains. “One is the combination of story and playing, leading to the conventional campaign game. The other path is the fun of co-operating and competing against people, which has grown by setting up network environments and has led to current multiplayer games.

“The concept of clearing away the wall between single and multiplayer is a new experiment and idea for a shooter. As you guessed, this system allows the player to enjoy replaying Mindjack forever and we think that there may be many more games like this in future.”

We understand the sentiment – the future of games lies in the cohesion of single player and multiplayer. It’s just a shame and a little bit sad that this comes from the producer of Mindjack, which we scored 38% in the same issue and gave one star for its online implementation.

Replaying Mindjack forever? The only reason anyone would replay Mindjack after it leaves their disc drive would be to show someone that bit where you turn into a gorilla and run through the nearest wall (yes, this actually happens).

For the full interview and review (ouch), pick up Issue 202 of Play, on sale now.

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    Mabye if he keeps telling himself that he’ll believe it.