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Michelle Pfeiffer In Arkham City

Michelle Pfeiffer In Arkham City

Seen Batman Returns? Remember Catwoman, played by Michelle Pfeiffer, who wore a leather suit that had visibly been stitched together? No? Sigh. It’s okay. We’ve already saved you a trek to Youtube.

There. Alex Vance has created a Batman Returns skin for Catwoman in Arkham City, so you can play as the Pfeiffer version, or watch her in the cutscenes because you decided not to get the online pass that lets you play as Catwoman but then that means you bought the game second-hand you’re killing the games industry what’s wrong with you don’t you like games

Pretty cool huh? Unfortunately it’s a PC-mod version only. “THEN PLAY WHY ARE YOU SHOWING US!” Stop shouting. It’s a cool mod. Plus you got to see Michelle Pfeiffer in a catsuit! Rawwwr. At least it wasn’t a Danny DeVito Penguin mod…

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  • Joey

    Whoever hasn’t seen Batman Returns should be taken out and shot, along with all those second-hand gaming felons of course.

  • Jai

    Killing the game’s industry by buying second hand games? How about the DEVELOPERS are killing the games industry by selling us 2/3 of their games at full price and then charging us an additional fee to play the last 1/3 as ‘DLC’? And how about people like you who DEFEND this nonsense are also killing the games industry?