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Metal Gear vs Assassin’s Creed: The Interview

Metal Gear vs Assassin’s Creed: The Interview


The meeting of the minds can be one thing, but mutual backslapping is something else altogether. The recent cross-interview between Hideo Kojima, of Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker fame, and Patrice Desilets, creative director for Assassin’s Creed II, swayed more towards the latter than the former.

The two were speaking after the Tokyo Game Show, where both had the chance to play and/or see each other’s newest offering. But what did they think? Desilets had this to say:

“If I had to give my impression of Peace Walker, I’d have to say that I want to play more! I got interrupted by work during my multiplayer demo! I only had a short time with it, but it was great fun; I can’t wait for the retail version. The big surprise to me was that it didn’t feel like a portable game at all. Gunfire, bullet strikes, tank battles; it all felt like I was playing on a big-screen TV.”

As for Kojima’s opinion on Assassin’s Creed II? Well:

“Assassin’s Creed II has been watched since before it was made, what with the first game selling over 8 million copies worldwide. You have intense pressure from the publisher and from gamers, but you still have to keep your schedule and strive to improve on the last game. I think that pressure has crushed more than a few creators over the years, but Patrice overcame it and clawed his way to the end of the project. I think he’s a genius for achieving that, and I’m really looking forward to what he does in the future.”

He doesn’t exactly go down the ‘I played it’ route, but he’s happy to heap the praise on. It’s an uplifting scene, no doubt.

Head to 1Up for the rest of the cross-company interview, which includes Kojima confessing at least one reason why Peace Walker is on PSP.

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