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Metal Gear Solid movie not happening

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Speaking in an interview with Collider, Mike De Luca – who was said to be producing the screen version of Hideo Kojima’s mental masterpiece – has said the rumoured Metal Gear Solid movie isn’t going to happen. Not right now, at least. De Luca said:

“I don’t think it’s going to move forward because I got the sense that there may not be enough of a coordinated will at this point on the side of certain parties to see a movie get made.”

And as if that wasn’t enough to convince you, De Luca went on:

“The video game companies are very protective of their property and there are certain things a studio requires freedom-wise to market and distribute a movie effectively in a global marketplace and sometimes getting those two things to match up is really hard. And in the case of Metal Gear Solid, the agendas just….not because the parties weren’t amicable, it was just kind of impossible to get the agendas to match up.”

There’s every chance it might still happen, but right now at least it looks like the MGS movie is dead. We know for a fact some people will be glad of this.

Via Collider.

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  • Ferdia

    metal FEAR Solid 9

  • whites

    As A Metal Gear Fan I Would Love The Film To Be Made! Possibly Steaven Seagull or Christian Bale As Snake! And If The Film Is Made I Really Hope It Is Made EXACT TO GAME! Otherwise It Will Flop!

  • Sean Markey

    This is excellent news:-)