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Metal Gear Solid 5: What We Want To See

Metal Gear Solid 5: What We Want To See

Oh, Hideo Kojima, you’ve done it again. After spending the last ten years of his life swearing blind that he’ll never make another MGS game (and then invariably doing it) he’s recently stated that ideas have been kicked around regarding a possible setting for the yet-to-be-confirmed MGS 5.

The mooted WWII setting won’t come to fruition, but here’s what we want to see.

Set It In The Past

Kojima has stated that one of the initial ideas for MGS 5 had The Boss – Naked Snake’s old mentor, Revolver Ocelot’s mum, ‘A Patriot Who Saved The World’ – and her hand picked Cobra Unit storming the beaches of Normandy during World War II.

To us, this seems like the Greatest Idea Ever. MGS 3’s Cold War setting made for a brilliant mix of historical politics and Kojima madness, and we’d love to see the man take on the vast scope and bitter fighting of the Second World War.

Thinking about it, Kojima’s experience making Peace Walker is the perfect dry run for this: multiple players, each taking control of one of the Cobra Unit (and utilising their abilities). The only downside we can possibly see is that Kojima would probably have you kill Hitler after a 30-minute cut scene where he explains why he such a bad guy.

Tighter Pacing

We love Metal Gear but come on, Kojima pretty much ruined half the games in the numbered series (MGS 2 and 4) by featuring cutscenes which seem to be about people recalling verbatim every single conversation in the history of man.

It seems that Kojima is at his best when he’s either unproven (which won’t happen again, for obvious reasons) or coming off of a title that has been criticised for having too many cutscenes.

Metal Gear Solid 2’s second half was guff, so MGS 3 was more concise, measured, and was the best game in the series for it. Then came MGS 4, with its crazy characterisations (Meryl marrying a guy that habitually shits himself?) and atrocious, hour long end cutscene: there are still people who got to that point on launch day watching it now.

What Kojima needs is someone to tell him ‘no.’ No, Koj, you can’t have a cutscene that just consists of two people saying ‘nanomachines’ for 20 minutes. No, Hideo, you can’t have a wedding scene. No, Kojima, you can’t have a cutscene where the lead character has a domestic dispute with his girlfriend during a mission to save the world.

No, revered director man, you can’t have a 40-second pause between dialogue exchanges for 40 seconds. No No No.

Keep the pacing tight. No cutscenes over ten minutes. Find a different way to tell the story. Have Brian Blessed read it over the action if necessary.

Indulge Kojima’s Stupidest Ideas

Okay I know we just said that we wanted someone to say no to Kojima, but that’s where plot and cutscenes are concerned. We want the man to be able to run riot with his imagination for actual gameplay, unencumbered by ‘logic’ and ‘reason’.

For example, Kojima wanted the boss battle against MGS 3’s the end to run for a week. Real time.

Another great one was the suggestion of a game that when you die the disc is rendered unusable. Excellent.

Completely mental, probably illegal, and excellent.

No matter what happens however, we never want to see Old Snake again. His story is done.

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  • filmskool

    Honestly, mgs4 was perfect. Kojima can do whatever he wants, and rules like ” you cannot have a 40 second pause between dialog” in a cutscene are the words of the world’s biggest michael bay fans.

  • plzBEquiet

    so sick of these ADD kids…..kojima is one of the last good game developers left,and he should not be listening to anyone especially morons like this.MGS has a deep and engrossing storyline and if you cant keep up that just means your brain works too simply not that kojimas is too complicated

  • eelay

    MGS 1 is still the best in my opinion, MGS 2 was great to start with (snake) then went down hill with raiden and over long cut scene’s. MGS 3 was more like no 1 so amazing! MGS 4 was a mixture of all three so amazing then boring then brilliant then bland all rolled into one game. I’m not impressed with what of seen with MGS RISING so FAR, BUT i’m all for a MGS 5 as long as its with SNAKE!!!!!!!!

  • Luis

    OMFG…not that I wouldn’t enjoy a game playing The Boss…but her story’s been covered extensively in MGS3 and MGS Peace Walker. WE WANT HIDEO TO FINALLY REMAKE THE CONFRONTATIONS BETWEEN SOLID SNAKE AND BIG BOSS!!! REMAKE METAL GEAR 1 and 2 from MSX!!!

  • Alex

    I have to disagree with everything in this opinion piece. There is a reason this franchise is so popular. I love the story and depth of each MGS game.

    Call of duty is that way bro —————–>