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Mega Man 9 will make a bitch of you yet


We received review code for Mega Man 9 this week, which, in case nobody told you, is basically a NES game that’ll be available for download on the PSN. Everything from graphics, sound and – most importantly – difficulty has been deliberately crafted to recapture the spirit of the original (and best) titles in the Mega Man series. It’s heaven for Retro fans, but around 90 per cent of you will miss the point of it entirely.

If nothing else, it reminds you that the overall difficulty of videogames has downsized over the past 20 years. Far from the devilishly hard, checkpoint-deprived days of the Master System and the NES, games will literally do everything for you but turn on the console, in this age.


It make look like a remake, but Mega Man 9 is a brand-new instalment in Capcom’s long-running series.

Take Uncharted, for example, which issues hints whenever you’re stuck at a certain point, or Tomb Raider: Underworld, a game that actually solves the puzzle for you if coming up with a solution gets a little too challenging. Even ten years ago, with Tomb Raider II, we would never have seen a feature this forgiving.

It merely reflects how keen publishers are to pander to the casual market. Fair enough, given that certain gamers in this demographic will turn off at the first sign of trouble, but there’s a refreshing defiance to the tortuously hard design of Mega Man 9. Capcom rarely produces easy games, and this title (released on the PSN for £6.99 later in the month) is a proud celebration of this.


I will admit it – I can’t finish a single level in Mega Man 9. I have got extremely close, mind you, and I don’t plan on giving up in the near future, but there’s a strong chance you’ll still fail after 100 attempts at the same section.

I’m just of the wrong generation to tackle this sort of game, I guess. What keeps me playing, however, is the fact that I’m getting slightly better at it with every death, as well my sheer admiration for Capcom at creating something so clever.

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