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Meet the real Ethan Mars

Meet the real Ethan Mars


Heavy Rain has been widely praised for its near-faultless character animation and acting, but what of the actors behind the avatars? Well, we had the pleasure of being introduced to the actor who plays Ethan Mars, a single father looking for his missing son in the game. This is Pascal Langdale, an English actor who’s background in largely in theatre, but who you may also recognise from his appearances in shows like Extras, Casualty and The Bill. As you can tell from the images above, he not only lent his voice to the character, but also his likeness and perhaps most importantly he did all the mo-cap work too.

The process was a complex one as we understand it. Mo-cap of body and face had to be done separately so each scene needed to be repeated on an empty sound stage in full mo-cap gear and then repeated in a tiny booth with motion-tracking dots placed in key positions on the face. Each scene also needed to be repeated several times to account for player choices and responses so that no dialogue felt out of place with the emotions of the scene the player will be choosing to create. All the hard work appears to have been worth it though as the final results really speak for themselves.

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  • Oliver Youel

    Well what a fantastic game, my initial reaction was that this was an overly advertiesed load of …. but after working my way in, you start to really appreciate the time taken on the time the animation, and most importantly the storyline. The emotions felt throughout the game are borderline too realistic, you can find yourself really becoming attached to the charactors.
    I expect that this game will be a sign of things to come, as i am sure there will be a flood of these “free play” games. I just hope other creators will be able to match the originality of HEAVY RAIN!
    Much love TheOKing

  • Dannie Tyler

    this game really tugged at my heart strings and i was in awe of the genius, compelling storyline beautifully aided by the fantastic animation! every shred of emotion was visible at all times on the characters’ faces so you could not help but connect with them all on a personal level. though i managed to achieve what i thought was the happiest ending to the story, i was upset to put down the controller and leave the characters behind but i hope to see more games similar to this format and quality if not some kind of sequal to Heavy Rain; perhaps another case to solve with Norman Jayden as well as other heart warming characters like Ethan.