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Media Molecule Hearts Japan

Media Molecule Hearts Japan


And Japan hearts Media Molecule back according to a recent interview with executive producer Siobhan Reddy. She revealed at the CEDEC conference in Japan where LittleBigPlanet was nominated for a number of awards as well as being the centre of a keynote presented by Reddy, that Hideo Kojima had loved the Metal Gear content in LBP and that she would really like to collaborate with Studio Ghibli in the future. Well, who wouldn’t?

“Japan is the centre of the universe of gaming for a lot of the Molecules,” she began (and by the way we love the idea of called Mm staff ‘Molecules). “As a western developer it’s very exciting when the game you are working on appears in a Japanese magazine, let alone being nominated for awards at events like the Tokyo Game Show and CEDEC.” Unfortunately LBP failed to pick up any awards from the show where games running the full gamete of gaming history are nominated. The year Shadow Of The Colossus and Okami walked away with the prizes for instance. However, it doesn’t seem as that was so important to Reddy who has been delighted with the response in the Japan to Media Molecule’s work, especially in the development community.

“When we were in the US late last year we were introduced to Kojima and he told one of the level designers that he loved the design of the Metal Gear Solid pack,” Reddy continued. “It’s obvious that our community really love Metal Gear Solid and were hungry for the diversity of content the collaboration allowed. When working with an IP we make sure they add something to the LittleBigPlanet universe, and the Metal Gear Solid collaboration is one of the best examples of this.”

However there is still at least one big Japanese collaboration Reddy would like to explore. When asked who else she would like to work with she revealed, “Definitely Hayao Miyazaki and Studio Ghibli!” Sounds pretty good to us.

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