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Medal Of Honor Trailer Explained By Producer

Medal Of Honor Trailer Explained By Producer


At the VGAs over the weekend EA revealed its first look at a revamped, rebooted and re-imagined Medal Of Honor title that moves the series from the tragedy and heroism of the Second World War to the perhaps murkier, but no less heroic or tragic theatre of Afghanistan. The trailer gave glimpses of a great deal, but it left us with as many questions as answers and thankfully the game’s executive producer Greg Goodrich is offered some insightful answers.

Medal of Honor is  ‘historical fiction’ set against the backdrop of the current war in Afghanistan,” Goodrich revealed, confirming that the game will not be based on any specific, recorded events. “Much like Saving Private Ryan is a fictional story told through the lens of a small band of characters during WWII.” The trailer shows a great many different set pieces being played out suggesting that Medal Of Honor is working on a scale far grander than anything the game has attempted before. Importantly, everything in the trailer came from the game.

“The trailer is 100% in-game footage.” Goodrich confirmed. “This will be the very first (M) rated Medal of Honor. However, we will always be grounded by our core tenets of authenticity and respect for the soldier.” He went on to confirm that at the very least there will be ATV and Helicopter scenes in the game to play, hinting that more could be announced later. Breach gameplay and the appearance of the current ‘Cowboy’ cover star were also established by Goodrich.

But some still aren’t sure exactly what these Tier 1 Operators are, so Goodrich cleared that up for us as well. “Tier 1 is a category,” he began. “It is not a unit designation or a name given to a specific task force. It is a term that is used to describe the level at which these operators perform and function. It also refers to their place within the national command structure. The term “Tier 1” can also be used to describe a specific unit’s ability to carry out missions that require the most highly skilled, proficient and disciplined group of warriors within the U.S. Special Operations Community. There are only a handful of units within the U.S. Government that are considered Tier 1. We have been given the rare opportunity to work closely with members of these units during the development of Medal of Honor.”

So there you have it. Probably worth keeping an eye on the Medal Of Honor site as it looks like EA may keep it well updated. We’ll hit you up with any big news as it comes through.

Via MedalOfHonor.com

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