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Mass Effect 3’s Metacritic User Reviews? It’s Just Entitled Trolling. Calm Down

Mass Effect 3’s Metacritic User Reviews? It’s Just Entitled Trolling. Calm Down


Review scores for DLC: The Game went live today, and were predictably massive. By the reaction in the press it’s the greatest thing since the last game they all gave 10,000 out of 10 to.


Predictably, the Metacritic user score reads a little differently. Review outlets have so far given it a score of 93. The user score? 4.2, or 36 ‘negative reviews’(on PS3: that figure is much higher for all platforms and will probably rise further).


Of these negative reviews, most are a load of old twaddle, giving the game 0/10 for daring to exist or because it offended some delicate sensibilities. Also: the game came out today. Have these people all really played and completed the game? Nah. It’s just a classic bit of trolling/wah-ing by entitled gamers.


And yet, people actually care about this. They care that a group of people will actively take time to go onto a website that serves as an aggregator for game scores and put them as low as possible, as if this Actually Means Anything. It doesn’t. All it means is all it ever has: entertainment inspires rabid devotion that grows to cut of all sense in people’s brains.


Granted, it’s kind of weird and annoying that a load of cretins feel the need to rush out and smash out a load of old guff about a game they probably haven’t played. And yes, we suppose that having it on Metacritic next to all of those lovely press scores is a bit jarring. And then you remember that, hey, apart from to faceless marketing types and executives who have their pay and rewards valued by this ridiculous site, Metacritic is cack.


So relax, people. It’s going to be fine and dandy. If you love Mass Effect, then fine. Enjoy it. If you don’t, try not to be a complete tool about it. That said, it makes us laugh every time people pull this stunt at a big release, so carry on. Because if there’s one thing that there can never be enough of in the videogame industry, it’s arguing.

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  • Jake

    All I really need to say is that Fable got worse as a series, Dragon Age got worse, Mass Effect got worse 1 to 2, Ninja Giaden 2 turned into a slot machine, and MW turned into long series of quicktime events. Skyrim, which is a great game, barely managed to stay on the good side of the dumb down curve. I am a huge Mass Effect fan, but I won’t accept lack of gameplay polish improvement and the shortcuts taken to “fix” mechanics issues. I am really really hoping they got it right, but every thing I have played or heard thus far about the game points to the deeply disappointing alternate universe version of the game.

    This game reeks of the EA money grab style of game development because of the series being tailored to accommodate everything from the sniffling 8 year old that smashes buttons to the 40 year old twilight mom that couldn’t shoot her way out of a stuffed animal factory. The reasons that legitimate gamers are up in arms about the game is because the ME series fails to achieves anything remotely close to its potential. Yeah the game may look pretty and their are dialog choices, but what happened to the depth of choice? What happened to just being able to buy a complete game? Whatever happened to skill and patience being rewarded? Depth and complexity are the first casualties in every addition to a series.

    I really feel like all gaming series are following this music analogy: 1st Jimi Hendrix, 2nd Green Day, 3rd Ashley Simpson, 4th to infinity kids bop.

    Game review sites and magazines should be ashamed of supporting this trend.

  • RaisingAbel

    Sounds like another fart in the echo chamber of gaming journalism. Yes, much of the user reviewers are trolls bashing a game. But ignoring the obvious flaws of this game is simply falling into the same culture of conformity that mindlessly exalts AAA titles. This publication is no different.

  • Truth be told

    It’s just PS3 fanboys sad that their version can’t keep up with the almighty Xbox 360 one.
    PC fans are probably crying too, but those lame fools are probably hacking the files to get “more out of it”, despite the game being AWESOME as it is.

    Time to jump in PC/PS3 fanboys, KINECT + ME3 = PURE WIN.

  • Ian Dransfield



  • cris

    I gave the game an 8 for shoving fag in my face, other than that is pretty good.

  • KingOfArcadia

    The problem with all of this grief, bile & downvoting is that it makes ALL gamers look like absolute idiots. I am a gamer, and I don’t appreciate being lumped in with the crybabies & fanboys. It’s also painfully obvious that these trolls didn’t actually grow up gaming – seriously, if you think this is bad, try thinking back to what games used to be like in the 70’s, 80’s, 90’s when games were a much different beast. The entitled baby gamers need to shut the fark up and go cry to your mommies.