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Mass Effect 3: The Power Of Familiarity

Mass Effect 3: The Power Of Familiarity

Xbox 720 – who cares? Xbox 3 – who gives a rat’s behind? Next Xbox – who in their right mind would want to read about that?

I mean, sure, you might want to on any other day, but today is the day of Mass Effect 3, and the day of Mass Effect 3 is the day that you should be happy because you get to play Mass Effect 3. SEO. Bieber. Nudity.

Here’s a story for you about why this series is so great, concerning the ability to pass saves on from one game to the next. Take into account I’ve been playing on 360 since day one, so apologies to the Sony Defence Force for that. Anyway.

I received Mass Effect 3 yesterday and, thanks to the miracle that is a ridiculous bug that doesn’t import your old character’s face properly (well done BioWare), I had to re-create my character Crispy Shepard from memory.

Attempt one: he looked wrong. Restart.

Attempt two: he looked alright in the creation section, but in the opening cutscene looked entirely incorrect. Weird and pointy, like an angry, ginger rat. Restart.

Attempt three: he looked okay on the creation screen. Start the game, see him on the opening cutscene, get a genuine pang of recognition flooding through me. It’s Crispy! He’s back!

Yes, it’s terribly nerdy. Yes, I’m a terrible fanboy. But Mass Effect 3 is the culmination of this character’s adventure: a character I created with his pasty, pock-marked skin and a shitty ginger beard. He’s mine. He’s the hero of my game.

I was worried he was gone when I encountered the bug. I was annoyed when I got him wrong the first few times. I was more than relieved when I saw the guy kicking space-bottom had been successfully recreated.

No other game has ever done anything like this for me before. It’s just another reason Mass Effect 3 is great.

If you ignore that stupid bug to begin with. And the DLC. And the micro-transactions. And the…

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