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Mass Effect 3 Pre-Order Nonsense And New Screens

Mass Effect 3 Pre-Order Nonsense And New Screens

If Mass Effect 3 can end up in a position where it’s somehow lumbered with an online pass, it was inevitable that it would also be lumbered with the other favourite of publishers, the pre-order bonuses. And look!

Pre-order bonuses are nonsense, so it’s good that BioWare at least clearly explain everything because it would be really annoying to have scant information available and not knowing the full details of how to get these items. Oh hey, guess what.

Is the M55 Argus Assault Rifle included with the N7 Warfare Gear and Origin pre-order packs?

Yes, the M55 Argus Assault Rifle is a channel wide offer and available to everyone who pre-orders.

I don’t have a GameStop or EB Games in my country, where can I get the N7 Warfare Gear?

A full breakdown of regions and availability of pre-order offers is coming soon. You can also check with your local retailer for more information about available pre-order offers.

If I already pre-order the N7 Collector’s Edition, do I have to pre-order again to receive the pre-order items?

No, if you have already pre-ordered your pre-order will rollover and you will be automatically granted the items.

How do I unlock the items once I have pre-ordered?

Redemption methods may vary depending on platform and region. Please check with your retailer on how to redeem your pre-order content.

When will the pre-order content be available?

The pre-order items will be available on March 6th when Mass Effect 3 releases.

Right. Erm, what? Even BioWare realised its ‘if you preorder you get the items from your preorder if you already preordered because your preorder rolls over but you don’t get the items from other preorders if you keep your preorder’ wording was a bit… pap, so they then clarified everything in a further post on their blog.

GameStop customers

  • get the N7 Warfare Gear including the N7 Valkyrie assault rifle.

Everyone who pre-orders from any retailer

  • gets the M55 Argus assault rifle (so Gamestop customers who pre-order get this and the N7 warfare gear).

Origin pre-order customers

  • get the AT12 Raider shotgun and the M55 Argus assault rifle (as all pre-orders get the Argus)

That’s infinitely easier to understand, if only because it was a human speaking and not a corporate droid churning out soulless marketing speak, but still, it highlights why pre-orders are nonsense.

If publishers are going to do pre-order bonuses to reward fans for their loyalty – a practice that should be a good thing – then have one pre-order bonus across the board. All for one and one for all. That’s it. As it stands, should this pre-order scheme head to our shores, you’ll be missing out on AT12 Raider shotgun (Origin is PC only) and N7 Warfare Gear if you choose to pre-order from a different store to the one EA elects, which will presumably be Game.

It’s when pre-order bonuses serve the publisher more than the fan that they go a bit wonky. While they have no real effect on the actual game itself – regardless of more-action-than-RPG concerns, Mass Effect 3 looks like it’ll be brilliant – it’s a grubby sideshow that we could really do without.

Is it an over-reaction? Maybe. It’s not like EA is the first publisher to overcomplicate things with a needlessly awkward pre-order scheme either and at least we haven’t been exposed to any Dr Pepper tie-ins yet, as America was with Mass Effect 2, so small mercies and all that.

But still, that can’t be too far off though. What are the chances EA’s ringing Irn-Bru HQ right now?

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  • Sid

    Ah crap, now I’m gonna have to preorder the game JUST so I can get these stupid little items! DAMN YOU PREORDER GOD :'(

  • Sid

    BTW Game are giving out the Argus Assault Rifle in Britain like Gamestop are doing in America when you preorder.

  • Hutton121

    Getting beyond a joke now with all this pre order crap, I am all for DLC for games but it seems everytime i open a new game nowadays there is more crap inside the box than I get through the post in a week, bloody flyers for this and flyers for that!

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