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Mass Effect 3: Everybody Calm Down

Mass Effect 3: Everybody Calm Down

After the rather unfortunate leak of Mass Effect 3’s beta on Xbox 360, the internet has been rather vocal about one new element of the game: the ability to choose whether you want to play the game more akin to a shooter (with dialogue choices made for you), a role-playing game (with easy combat), or a combination of both.

As ever, Mass Effect fanboys have decided that more choice is a bad thing, and have made their feelings known. Mass Effect has lost its way. Mass Effect is now for noobs, even more so than Mass Effect 2, which was for noobs but not like this.

Really? Really people? The game isn’t out yet, yet suddenly because Bioware want to make the game open to all it’s now not really a Mass Effect game, more just a Call of Duty game but in third-person and featuring space and talking and robots and alien sex. See? THEY’RE EXACTLY THE SAME.

Wait, that’s rubbish, isn’t it? Yup. We know that Mass Effect has become more action-focused over time, but seeing as no-one has actually played the final version to see how these changes pan out we’ll leave it to Bioware to, y’know, finish it before telling it that its game sucks.  Jus’ sayin’.

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  • Sid

    yh, totally agree with u there steve. just because bioware r tryin to reach to a wider audience, does NOT mean it is not mass effect. if u want the same experience as mass effect 2, you just pick the combination. as i believe, that is the original format. SO STOP COMPLAINING, START PLAYING! It’s not about what you think, but what you feel 🙂

  • Conor

    They should have put these options in Dragon age 2,to me it seemed like it was on action mode the whole time because you couldnt make any real decisions that changed the game unlike the far superior Dragon age origins.