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MAG Trophies revealed

MAG Trophies revealed


For all those obsessed with the endless quest for Trophies it appears as if MAG is the game to get as the silverware (as well as bronze and gold) is set to spill out the doors of your (virtual) trophy room. The European Product Manager for the game, Chris Weatherhead has posted on the official PlayStation blog the full list of accolades up for grabs in the appropriately titled, Massive Action Game, which you can check out here.

Out on January 26th the shooter hides such delights as ‘Junkyard Jockey’, ‘I Drink Your Milkshake’, and ‘In Your Face’. We look forward to earning everyone of them, and indeed, drinking your milkshake!

  • Dave Moore

    but will anyone bother as feedback has been very negative.i was far from impressed and all my friends on my friends list have gone back to mw2.

  • Liam Nelson

    Most Mw2 Fanboys ( No offence ) Hate MAG. I find Mw2’s run n gun style gameplay really annoying. The moment I playedMAG i loved its tactical edge, and dependence on team work,and still do.

  • sav0)))

    the review of MAG was hasty and unfortunate.
    what other game encourages team work, clan affiliation and allows people to make friends.
    sure it’s not as graphically enhanced as the broken glitch ridden mess that is MW2 but it’s a far superior gaming experience and have developers who actually care for the game by listening to players concerns and fixing them