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MAG beta goes public on 4 January


MAG – the game we still like to try and call Massive Action Game whenever we can, seeing as that actually gives you some idea of what it is – has had a close beta running for a little while now, but from 8am GMT on 4 January it’ll be open for anyone to join in. Given that MAG is the first game of its type ever to support as many as 256 players in just one match, it’s going to need as much testing as possible, so get in there and do your bit for the war.

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  • Alex Thornton

    PLAY, can you mention in your next issue that to report a fault in MAG you press all 4 back buttons at once, I found out by accident, and no-one else I asked even knew, it would make it so much easier for zipper to find faults.

  • Dave Moore

    who’s idea was it to make it public on the 4th january?

  • Rbl007

    the crazy thing about this is the US and Asia are gtteing this a week before us, but i’m not likly to join this beta because i’ve got two betas already one of which i shoud play more and is a FPS

  • cake man

    i found that i couldnt find the way to report bugs, i find quite a few but their wasnt any instructions on how to report them, their wasnt even any on the wabsite, slightly useless…. but the beta was amazing, got to level 42 and managed to get a great idea on how im gonna spend my skill points when i get the game, hope you all had fun on here