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Loving LoveFilm On My PS3

Loving LoveFilm On My PS3

There are plenty of ways to take advantage of the multimedia capabilities of your PS3, but recently I’ve found myself becoming obsessed with the catalogue of movies available to me on LoveFilm. It’s recent addition to the XMB has completely reshaped my viewing habits and thrown a significant spanner into my plans to get deeply into the likes of NFS: Hot Pursuit, Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood and Gran Turismo 5.

What I was immediately struck by was how the service seems geared towards pointing you in the direction¬† of interesting films quickly. It’s Collections for instance bring together similarly themed movies (but not necessarily genres as that’s a different menu) that you might be interested in watching. Admittedly, most of what I’ve chosen to watch has been pretty crap (Lord Of War), but there have been a few classic gems that I haven’t seen in an age (Chopper) and such films fill that part of my life that allows me to be watching something and browsing the internet at the same time.

Then there’s the great foreign films I can catch up on like Let the Right One In, Oldboy, Infernal Affairs and Downfall. There’s the TV shows like Peep Show. It’s really quite an excellent selection that compliments what LoveFilm sends me in terms of Blu-rays thanks to my subscription. This is genuine added value.

But best of all is the smooth streaming. If traffic is high LoveFilm warns you before you even select a movie that things might get a bit choppy, but of the movies I’ve watched so far there hasn’t been a single dropped frame. The quality of the picture isn’t brilliant admitted, but it’s perfectly watchable. The menus could probably also do with some cleaning up, but work well enough for the time being.

All in all LoveFilm on PS3 is an amazing new service especially if you’re already signed up on one of the packages.

You can read more about LoveFilm on PS3 and about why the rental service chose Sony’s console in Issue 199 of Play, on sale now.

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  • Joey

    Ireland gets the shaft big time on PSN.
    Not only do we pay 33% more with ridiculous euro exchange rates from pounds, but we have no Vid store or any extras (like one mentioned above)
    Just vidzone and MUBI which are a real waste of time.
    Why does Ireland get less than rest of Europe? What have we done this time?

  • koppert79

    I was already a member of lovefilm for over 5 years so when I heard we were getting in on PS3 it was just the icing on the cake. What a service