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Live Blog – The End Of The Day Edition

Well that certainly was an interesting day. The highs of one of the Biggest Games of the Year, the lows of me being a complete idiot and not seeing I was supposed to JUMP RIGHT THERE and the middle bits where… well, I ate and stuff.

This is a few hours of play, nothing more, but I think it’s safe to say that Uncharted 2 is really rather good. I’m yet to think how I’m going to stretch that pithy description to 1600 words, but by issue 185 of Play I will have. For now though, stats:

Play time: 4:53:39, Time spent in the air: 10:29, Enemies dropped their grenade when I shot them: 2 (score!), Grenades thrown: 51. All in all, not a bad effort.

Sometimes it’s just hard being in this line of work.

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