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Live Blog – Early Impressions


I’ve now been playing for 45 minutes and one second, having taken cover a total of 46 times – more than once a minute – and stood still for exactly three minutes and 36 seconds.

To be honest, it’s hard to avoid spoilers, so I’m liable to just keep you updated with how many seconds I’ve spent in the air, or how many enemies have dropped their grenade when I shot them. You may have figured out from this that there are a lot of statistics measured on Uncharted 2, and they’re bloody great.

As for the actual game? Well it would appear, on less than an hour’s play, to be everything we expected. It’s opened with a mish-mash of flashback and current-day events and is serving as a fine re-introduction to the world of Nathan Drake and co.

And my word does it look nice.

More to come later, if I can drag myself away from playing to fill you all in.

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