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Live Blog – No one’s playing multiplayer

Just fifteen people online on Uncharted 2? That’ll be why then. I’ve just tried sampling some of Uncharted 2’s multiplayer and it’s been impossible to connect, and no one has joined my hosted game. Insert sad emoticon here.

Still, I can tell you some things. Game modes appear to be varied with Deathmatch, King Of The Hill, Plunder (capture the flag) and Machima (?) among the modes available in the review code. Maps are (unsuprisingly) based on the single-player levels… let’s just say jungle, ice, train crash… no, there’s no spoilers there.  From the levels I’ve been running around alone in they appear to be well-designed, well-balanced and well-pretty.

Hopefully the US will be awake soon and we’ll have someone to play. When that happens, I’ll be back with more.

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