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LittleBigPlanet Update Details Revealed?

LittleBigPlanet Update Details Revealed?


We could have our first details of the water update for LittleBigPlanet, still to be dated, and the latest rumours indicate some added movie based fun will arrive the DLC splashes down on us all. A Trophies list for the DLC has been posted up on the PS3 Trophies forum and looks pretty solid evidence of a Pirates Of The Caribbean themed update to coincide with the addition of water as a level design element.

We have to keep this all firmly marked down as rumour for the time being as Sony has chosen not to comment on it, but given that the Metal Gear Solid update for LBP also brought with some major new additions to the game this PotC pack sounds likely. Without any more adou, here are those trophies.

The Bends:
Achieve a score of 7000 in the Diving for Treasure Survival Challenge
Collect all of the PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN Prize Bubbles
Beast Slayer:
Destroy the KRAKEN Boss
Ace Port Royal:
Ace Port Royal
Ace Pirate Town:
Ace Pirate Town
Ace The Frigate:
Ace The Frigate
Ace Cursed Bay:
Ace Cursed Bay
Ace The Kraken!!!:
Ace The Kraken!!!
Publish a Level Using WATER
Salty Dog:
Complete 20 Community Levels that use WATER
HMS Interceptor:
Complete the race in Cursed Bay with at least 4000 Points left on the clock

We’re keeping our fingers crossed for a pre-Xmas update, much like MGS was, but the moment we hear for sure we’ll let you know.

Via NowGamer

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