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LittleBigPlanet a political tool?

LittleBigPlanet a political tool?


So, there I was thinking about how Media Molecule reckons LittleBigPlanet 2 has the potential to be a vehicle for social commentary and for meaningful statements, and it occurred to me that it could even be used for political propaganda. Of course, there are rules about using LBP as a promotional tool (without going through official channels, that is), but there’s a lot of fuzzy grey area between what is and isn’t allowed. I’ve seen one or two levels in LBP that seemed a bit, y’know, viral. If the execution was subtle enough, then there’d be nothing to stop political parties from creating LBP content loaded with ideology and subtle persuasion. And then I thought, how do we know it hasn’t started already? How do we know the British general election results this year weren’t swayed by Sackboy? I was in danger of having a paranoid freak out so I went to www.andybarefoot.com/politics/cameron.php and made this poster, which cheered me right up.

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  • david

    The Conservatives. Please Heart. Fantastic. I’d almost be willing to vote for them on that alone if this was really lol.

  • Dave Moore

    how about a coalition between sony and microsoft?

  • george martin

    lbp1 and 2 have anticommunist propaganda all over anyway… especially 2…. nice games, but “they’ had to spoil this as well…