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Limit the limited editions, please thanks bye

I can’t say I care too much about collector’s editions of games. As such, the MIND-BLOWING REVELATION that LA Noire won’t be getting a release of this type hasn’t exactly destroyed my faith in humanity.

Increasingly we’re seeing collector’s/limited/super-secret editions that are a game, some meaningless, mass-produced extra bit and a few cheats to bribe you into purchasing for £10-40 extra. Maybe sometimes a toy, but I’ve never been one for figurines, so that doesn’t grab me either. I understand some people like picking up these editions and I won’t begrudge them that. But it does get to be a bit much at times when something comes with a pamphlet allowing a free download of a super-powerful gun to use from the beginning of the game, and this is apparently ‘limited’.

So ‘limited’ in fact, that it can only then be downloaded by millions of people.

Naturally none of this stopped me from buying the special edition of Mass Effect 2. What did I get for my $80? A comic I haven’t bothered reading, a making-of DVD that only went in the console once (by accident) and some other stuff I’ve completely forgotten about. I suppose the tin it came in could be useful to store tiny documents, but other than that it’s… well I forget I even bought it.

No point in them unless they’re truly special, as far as I’m concerned. It’s good to see LA Noire won’t be going down the route of superfluous More Expensive Editions.

Wow, this ran out of steam quickly. Monday morning.

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  • Garan

    Actually L.A. Noire is getting a special edition.It comes with the Boderick pistol and suit,Sharp-Shooter pistol and suit aswell as the “Slip of the tongue case” dlc mission.

    Sorry Ian.

  • Garan

    *Update* Just found out they cancelled the special ed.I feel stupid now.I’m going to go hide.

    Sorry again.

    >IIII< *face-palm

  • Joey

    Proves you right for trying to prove the media wrong. The media is NEVER wrong.

  • sean

    I totally agree with you Ian, but I get suckered in to buying them and I don’t know why.