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LG Is [Not] Coming For Your PS3!!! [Updated]

LG Is [Not] Coming For Your PS3!!! [Updated]

The consoles have been set free. All is well with the world… at least until this patent dispute is heard in court. Anyway, panic stations can move from red to yellow now.

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Run for the hills! The Koreans are coming.

No this isn’t another blog about the wonderful story-telling of Homefront, but rather the continuing saga of LG versus Sony and the alleged patent infringements that have resulted in PS3 shipments being held from distribution in Europe. The latest news is a further court order in Holland that allows LG to seek seizures of consoles (even from people’s homes).

Several thousand have apparently been taken by Dutch police from a Sony warehouse. Where this will go next is really a matter of multiple choice. LG could get similar action to take place in the US. Sony could get the injunction on shipments lifted. The two companies could settle things. The courts could decide compensation is needed from Sony for a patent infringement. The courts could decide LG is wrong and tell it to pay the costs.

But is LG coming after your PS3? This seems highly unlikely. Apart from anything else the two parties will be sitting down in court tomorrow with Sony hoping to get the block on their consoles lifted. Beyond that we hardly think that the law enforcement agencies of Europe have either the time, inclination or man power staffing to go door to door taking people’s PS3s away from them. Could you imagine? There would be people out on the streets. The world would think the UK was starting a North African style revolution.

But just in case it may be wise to take some precautions. For instance it may be a good idea to take your PS3 and place it in a small room, keeping the curtains closed at all times, refraining from multiplayer gaming (in case ‘they’ can trace you) and playing single-player games only. Basically embody the gamer stereotype the outside world seems convinced we all belong to.

Good luck.


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  • Garan

    We’ve got Firware 3.60 theres nothing they can do now.