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Let the GTA V Hoopla Begin

Let the GTA V Hoopla Begin

Grand Theft Auto V is going to be announced! Soon! It’s going to be set on the planet somewhere. It’s going to involve crime. It’s going to involve the theft of automobiles in a grand fashion. These things are all true.

Or they’re not. We have no idea. You have no idea. The only people who know for sure are at Rockstar and we would imagine a large number of them is in the dark. We’re talking about arguably the biggest franchise on the planet [blah, blah, blah, Call Of Duty, blah, blah, blah, biggest entertainment launch in history, etc]. You don’t take chances with stuff like that.

Anyway, this post and the many millions of others like it that you’ll be seeing today started with the discovery of some website domain registrations by grandtheft5.ucoz.com. The domains would appear to be your standard Rockstar parodies of American companies and practices. But whether or not this is supposed to point the way to the next GTA being announced or not, the starting whistle has been blown.

So, if we put our speculation hat on what should we expect from GTA V? For one thing more of the same and not just in terms of the core gameplay. The story Rockstar chose to create for IV seemed to carry over into Red Dead Redemption. There’s a new style of story telling emerging at the publisher that it’s going to want to follow through. While mainstream media interest in GTA remained largely morbid and negative, I got the sense that they were beginning to get it. That struck me as a positive move, although I know a lot of other GTA fans felt Niko’s story took itself far too seriously. For me the silly open-world nonsense branch of this genre is well covered by the competition. Rockstar can be keep pushing in other direction.

The episodic expansions were also interesting, seemingly doing some good business for Rockstar despite being stuck on Xbox 360 for a while before finally joining PS3. Could this point the way to more multi-layered and multi-character stories in the future? I’d hope so, as the world Rockstar has made is rich enough and detailed enough to support such ideas.

But ultimately, there is no announcement right now and we’re not expecting one any time soon. This year? Hopefully. By E3? Perhaps. This week? Doubtful.

And that ladies and gentlemen is Monday’s blog out of the way. Aren’t you pleased you bothered?

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  • Wow shiny 🙂 cool.

  • Dave Moore

    i cant wait for gtaV.i loved 4 and no,it didnt take itself to seriously.it had a clear story,likeable chracters and the perfect balance of houmur.
    but rockstar do jneed to lighten up with there endings though-gta4,red dead (worse,cliched end to a game ever) and lost and damned all had pretty downbeat endings.
    but yep ROLL ON GTA5,the only game ive ever waited for outside game at midnight was gta4,i wiull be again for 5.

  • Sean

    Where it will be set? Can you customize cars this time? Who we we get to play as? Will there be driveable aeroplanes aswell?

    So many questions 😀