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Leipzig GC: New PSN Games

A little lost under the announcements of Heavy Rain, the new PSP and EyePet (joke) there were also a number of great-looking PSN games announced.


Savage Moon, from Liverpool Studio, is essentially a 3D version of PixelJunk Monters, set in space. Now, if you’re a regular Play reader then you’ll know just how obsessed with Monsters we became last year. Yes, we’re pretty excited by this.


Then there’s Sony’s The Last Guy. This isn’t technically a new announcement but it does look awesome. It uses satellite imagery and a simple interface to great visual and gameplay effect and sees you herding (?) survivors of a zombie plague to safe places to score points.


Warhawk: Operation Fallen Star is, as you’d expect, an add-on for Incognito’s excellent online team shooter. In all honesty, that’s all I know about it so far… More in the next issue of Play. Deffo.