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Leipzig Games Convention: First Impressions

So, I’ve been at the convention for half a day now and… Seen some games. Nothing spectacular, nothing surprising just solid gaming from EA and Ubisoft.

The best thing so far is undoubtedly Mirror’s Edge. If you don’t know anything about the game, Mirror’s Edge is a first-person platform game with a little bit of unarmed combat and shooting thrown in for good measure.

Today I saw a new level set in a sewer system (and apparently inspired by Tokyo’s sewers) where Faith (the game’s heroine) has to traverse a series of ladders, walkways and avoid the fire from snipers. It showed off the game’s excellent platforming engine and simplicity of the control. A bit like Assassin’s Creed everything wall, ladder, pipe is context sensitive so to climb, run across or slide all you do is hit the action button. Similarly, to slide under obsticles all you do is hit a different button and Faith will do her thing. The idea is to keep the game and your movement as fluid as possible.

There’s also a system of difficulty and reward in each level whereby the player will get rewards for taking for difficult and (ultimately) quicker routes. What those rewards are, DICE refused to say, only that they won’t improve or grow Faith as her abilities will remain the same throughout the game; she’s an ordinary person doing extraordinary things.

EA’s new Need For Speed game looks like a solid if not spectacular addition to the series and boasts new physics, new car damage, new race modes and so on. Huge cliche: if you’re a fan of the series then it looks like you won’t be disappointed.

Godfather II isn’t based on the second movie and doesn’t follow the movie’s plot but take place in the same time period as Scorsee’s Mafia classic and that story will be going on in the background with you dipping in and out of some of the main plot points. The game takes place in three cities (New York, Miami and Havana) but instead of focusing on driving (like many GTA clones do) Godfather II is really about what it’s like to take over and run a city as a mob boss so expect much more of the ‘city management’ that appeared in the first game.

More soon.