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LBP2 Sales – Making My Blood Boil

LBP2 Sales – Making My Blood Boil

Oh no! LittleBigPlanet 2 sells less than original!? How can that be?

Oh, right it can’t be. That’s right, this story has more holes in it than my socks. Let’s review the story you may have seen floating around on the internet yesterday.

LBP2 released in the UK and shoots straight to the top of the sales chart for the week ending 22 January (that’s Saturday) knocking Call Of Duty: Black Ops off top spot. That’s the all-format chart, not just the PS3 chart. The original never did this so that’s rather nice. BUT NO! It actually didn’t sell as many as the original game in its first week.

How many less did LBP2 sell? A few thousand? A few hundred? No, it sold 95 less copies in the UK. 95.

Keep in mind that LBP went on sale on a Wednesday, not a Friday and you realise that LBP2 has managed to almost match the opening sales of its predecessor with two less days on shelves. How is that a bad performance?

What bothers me here apart from the fact that somehow the charts are becoming a thing to focus on (they really shouldn’t be) and that week one sales are now considered to be some kind of indicator of whether a game has been a success or not (games sell all year round people… why do you think COD is still there?), is that there’s an agenda here to start the ball rolling on a series of stories claiming LBP2 has failed at retail.

We saw the exact same stories with the first game. LBP is a flop. It failed in its first week. But then sales went up and up week after week and month after month. It had legs. It wouldn’t stop. And as each new press release announced a new milestone for user generated content interest seemed to increase too.

Bottom line, I think LBP2 deserves to sell well globally and I think passing off UK sales data out of context as some kind of indication that it’s going to fail is the worst kind of manipulative tripe.

/end rant

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  • RBL

    agreed though i won’t be buying it for a while

  • @RBL that’s fine, a sale is a sale. Doesn’t have to be right now for it to count.

  • Garan

    I got my collectors ed yesterday,its awesome.For some reason one of my friends hates LBP.So he obviously never played it.