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Laying the Smack Down with Take Two And Bethesda

Laying the Smack Down with Take Two And Bethesda

4375gtaiv-screenshotIn this age of paper thin rumours that get thousands of hits on popular news websites it should come as no surprise that for two high-ranking publishers enough is enough. Today we had the pleasure of enjoying two of the most entertaining put downs to question we’ve seen in quite some time. Which one was the best? You decide!

First we have this gem from Strauss Zelnick, chairman of Take-Two who had to suffer the question of when Grand Theft Auto V might be announced. His response to the question from Arvind Bhatia of brokerage firm Stern Agee is solid gold:

“We’re not going to announce it. We’re not going to announce when we’re going to announce it. And we’re not going to announce the strategy about announcing it or about when we’re going to announce it either, or about the announcement strategy surrounding the announcement of the strategy. Any other questions?”

Our second put down of the day comes from Bethesda president of marketing Peter Sandill, reported by PwnOrDie.com who presumably expressed its dislike of the ‘dull’ colour scheme of Fallout 3 and wondered if Fallout: New Vegas would be different.

“We had really thought that browns and greys were crucial to capturing the very essence of a post-apocalyptic landscape, but after reading  many complaints in Kotaku forums about the limited color palette of Fallout 3, we have realized that we were dead ****ing wrong…

“We’re going to add tons of rainbows, frolicking puppies, playful kittens, and cuddly bunnies to New Vegas. Maybe some majestic unicorns. We will also change the colours of weapons and accessories. Power armor, for example, will now be exclusive mauve. That should really push the colour palette to broader horizons and strengthen the impression of total nuclear Armageddon.”

So there you have it. GTA V announcement is pending and New Vegas to be made in collaboration with Sesame Street. We’ll bring you more on both these stories as they break. In the mean time, Zelnick, Sandill, we salute you.

Via Kotaku and PwnOrDie

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  • Dave Moore

    you can’t pick which are better.both are true gems of sarcasm.

  • Garan

    They’re both genius

  • hazy

    Rockstar, because “announcements to announcements” are the most inane form of viral/media advertising I have ever seen .
    EVERY announcement seems to get leaked in Famitsu anyway

    Blizzard already did the “rainbows and unicorns” nonsense (See Diablo III)