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Latest Blu-ray reviews


Let The Right One In
Price £24.99 Sound DTS-HD Director Tomas Alfredson Starring Kare Hedebrant, Per Ragnar, Peter Carlberg

It’s a bit like My Girl, but with a body count
Is Robert Pattinson really that good looking? Regardless, his pale, pouting mug has helped convince a whole generation of youths that a vampire is little more than the cool kid at the back of the class with messy hair and dirty fingernails. Yet while self-harmers the world over swoon over Pattinson’s emo antics in Twilight, another comparatively brilliant alternative called Let The Right One In has snuck in under the radar to show everyone else there’s still blood in the veins of vampire films yet.
Following the friendship of a young lad who’s bullied at school and an apparently androgynous vampire, Let The Right One In is a subtle, sophisticated and often moving take on the genre, cannily dodging the clichés that dog films of similar ilk, offering a truly unique and refreshing experience. Unlike more recent vampire films, Alfredson’s movie doesn’t revel in its gore and instead develops its characters to ensure they are people we feel for and, crucially, fear for. When blood is shed it is so with a deep seriousness, the director clearly determined to inform every spurt with pain and anguish; there is no glee in the violence here, just real horror and regret.
Beyond its status as a horror movie, though, Let The Right One In is also a challenging and controversial film about love, death and relationships. Seeing the central pair’s initial intrigue grow into full devotion to one another is a tremendously rewarding experience but it is also an uncomfortable one, tackling as it does some dark themes with commendable honesty.
If there is a flaw it is in the movie’s pace. The slower tempo suits the story, but there are times when the substance feels a bit stretched. It should, however, speak volumes that there is very little else for us to criticise; such is the extent of the achievement. Perhaps Pattinson could have made an appearance…
Rating 4/5


Children Of Men
Price £19.99 Sound Dolby 5.1 Director Alfonso Cuaron Starring Clive Owen, Julianne Moore, Michael Caine

One of the challenges of making a sci-fi film with a message is getting the audience to care about something that is unbelievable. Thankfully, with Children Of Men, Alfonso Cuaron has described a bleak future that’s utterly convincing. For years women have stopped reproducing, so when a pregnant lady is discovered it falls on Clive Owen’s determined hero to get her across a ravaged country safely. It’s exciting, smart sci-fi from start to finish. Watch it.
Rating 4/5


Price £24.99 Sound DTS-HD Director Alex Proyas Starring Nicolas Cage, Rose Byrne, Nadia Townsend

50 years ago a child predicted Earth’s major catastrophes through a sequence of numbers and when present-day Nic Cage discovers this it’s down to him and his stupid hair to beat destiny and save the world from the sequence’s final prediction. Is there a good movie in here somewhere? Maybe, but it doesn’t matter – the whole experience has been ruined by some stupid decisions involving angels in a spaceship and what appears to be the Garden Of Eden.
Rating 2/5


Red Dwarf: Back To Earth
Price £19.99 Sound DTS-HD Director Doug Naylor Starring Craig Charles, Chris Barrie, Danny John-Jules

First Futurama and now this – what is it about sci-fi comedies returning from cancellation only to reach down your throat, pull out your heart and stomp on it? In truth, of course, unlike Futurama, Red Dwarf was poor before its run came to an end all those years ago. It never, though, stooped so low as to feature such nonsense as Lister visiting Craig Charles on the set of Corrie in an embarrassing attempt to be clever. This does.
Rating 1/5


Twelve Monkeys
Price £19.99 Sound DTS-HD Director Terry Gilliam Starring Bruce Willis, Madeleine Stowe, Brad Pitt

Terry Gilliam is not as consistently successful a filmmaker as many might have you believe. Brazil is very good but Fear And Loathing In Las Vegas and The Brothers Grimm are shallow exercises in style. Twelve Monkeys, however, is inarguably one of his better efforts, the time-travel adventure twisting and turning through timelines right through to a satisfyingly sharp conclusion. Well worth the watch.
Rating 4/5

Monsters 3

Monsters Inc
Price £24.99 Sound DTS-HD Director Pete Docter Starring John Goodman, Billy Crystal, Steve Buscemi

Pixar has earned its reputation as a great studio, but that doesn’t mean everything it does is great – you need only see Bug’s Life to understand that. But which category does Monsters Inc fall into? Great, or underwhelming? Somewhere in between. The concept of blue collar scarers is terrific and some of the set pieces are nothing short of fantastic. The character work, however, something Pixar has always prided itself on, is far less impressive. Sadly, this drags Monsters Inc closer to Bug’s Life than it does Wall•E.
Rating 3/5


Underworld Trilogy
Price £39.99 Sound DTS-HD Director Len Wiseman, Patrick Tatopoulos Starring: Kate Beckinsale, Bill Nighy, Scott Speedman

Gone is the old romanticism and tragedy of vampires and werewolves from mainstream cinema, and in their stead has arrived sexualised action figures who wouldn’t look out of place in a German pop video. This lycans-vs-vampires series is one that should never have made it past the first instalment, yet here we are talking about the trilogy, one of the most dull experiences of recent years; no intelligence, no style and no heart – just leather jackets and guns.
Rating 1/5

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