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LA Noire – It Intimidates Me

LA Noire – It Intimidates Me

I find LA Noire intimidating. For that I can only apologise. I also find it very interesting and I can’t wait to play it. Still, intimidating. The reason being that despite how much I look forward to playing adult and thought-provoking videogames, I’m nowhere near as smart and sharp as I’d like to think I am. Am I too stupid to play LA Noire?

I imagine some concession will be made in LA Noire for gamers who are perhaps not as familiar with the gumshoe investigative genre. The central premise of playing as a cop in LA, investigating murders and other crimes, putting the clues together, interrogating witnesses, really excites me. This isn’t something we’ve ever really experienced before. The closest thing most of us will have seen recently was Heavy Rain, but by comparison (it would seem) that game held your hand through the whole thing.

I have to keep clarifying that at this stage I don’t really know how LA Noire is actually going to play. That’s only adding to my irrational fear of it though. In my mind these investigations are going to be complex, twisting thrillers. I struggled solving the crimes in Blue Toad Murder Files… what chance do I stand against the might of Rockstar?

But, I want it to be a challenge. Testing my mettle against a game isn’t something I get the chance to do very often. Shoot that, jump there, hit this – that’s usually about as challenging as a gaming problem is. LA Noire looks like the kind of game I could really lose myself in though. I could very easily become obsessed with the details, pouring over every last crumb of evidence until I’ve cracked the case. And if I fail and the crook gets off, I’m probably going to take that quite personally. It would be like an affront to my acumen. An insult to my IQ.

So, ultimately I’m just scared LA Noire is going to make me look stupid. But, it would be nice for a game to try for once instead of assuming I’m as thick as two planks.

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