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L.A. Noire – Why Phelps Gets So Angry

L.A. Noire – Why Phelps Gets So Angry

It’s become something of a L.A. Noire meme that Funny or Die summed up best with this parody (skip to 1:05) – Phelps will be interrogating a suspect or witness, then suddenly explode with anger for no apparent reason if you doubted what they were saying was true.

In fact, the game as a whole suffered somewhat due to the fuzzy, inconsistent definition of what Doubt and Lie was supposed to achieve, which wasn’t helped when Phelps erupted with anger in the following dialogue.

As it turns out, reported by Eurogamer, the Truth, Doubt and Lie were originally Coax, Force and Lie with the dialogue written to reflect the latter set of options.

“It’s funny. A lot of people say Aaron turns into a psycho,” said Brendan McNamara, L.A. Noire’s producer. “When we originally wrote the game the questions you asked were coax, force and lie. It was actually force because it was a more aggressive answer. That’s the way we recorded it.

“But when the game came out it was truth, doubt or lie. Everyone always says Aaron on the second question is a psycho. So that’s not his fault.”

So that’s the mystery of Phelps’ anger explained then. This does lead onto another question though. Why, if the dialogue was written for Coax, Force and Lie, did they decide to change those options before release and not the dialogue?

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  • Protag

    Because it would have taken another two years and 800 more staff to come out.

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    Loving the vid intro in the pic… Cum face or Bob Dylan impression?