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Kojima’s New Game – Screens!

Kojima’s New Game – Screens!

Games industry sorcerer Hideo Kojima isn’t just busy throwing Phoenix Downs on his own games, as seen with his revival of Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance. No, he sometimes makes his own games too. And now we have screens!

These are taken from ‘Project Ogre’, which is what Kojima was working on before he got caught up in the Revengeance chaos.

There’s not much else to be said for these screenshots. The important info is 1) they’re running on Fox Engine 2) you can see their bras!!1 and 3) something else, I forgot. Anything else at this point is conjecture. No-one outside of Kojima Productions knows anything about Project Ogre. We’d wager even Kojima has days where he forgets what it’s supposed to be about. Do you remember the plot for Metal Gear Solid 2? Exactly.

Speaking of which, we know what you’re thinking – could Project Ogre be Metal Gear Solid 5? Probably not. In fairness, we were going to run with a ‘First Metal Gear Solid 5 screens?’ title for this article, which probably would have got us 10,000,000,000 views (rough estimate) and promotion to King of SEO at work, at the expense of angry “but Play these aren’t Metal Gear Solid 5 screens derp” rants in the comments box.

But we’ve backed down. Mostly because we can’t face the anger of Play readers. Not on a Friday, not this close to Christmas.

We hope it was worth sacrificing of our King of SEO title for. Sob.

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  • hollywooda

    Ohh my god!! that looks….just…. like a….. metal ….gear….game?