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Kinect: This Is How Not To Do It Sony

Kinect: This Is How Not To Do It Sony

MoveArtDear Sony,

With Microsoft’s official reveal of Kinect in LA last evening I write to you to point out what I hope is something blindingly obvious, that’s the way not to do it. Flash, pomposity, colour, an animatronic elephant – these are all good things to have, but the most important thing to show at a games convention is games. Bizarre, I know, but true.

Microsoft stole your thunder a little last year when it revealed Natal (with Spielberg and a virtual boy attached) the day before you live demoed Move for the first time. That was difficult and I sympathise with any anger you may have felt about that. You showed live gameplay, Microsoft had a bunch of canned videos and yet they got all the press and hype. It wasn’t fair, but time has eventually proved you right. We can now see Kinect for the EyeToy impersonator it truly is.

Move may only be a HD Wii controller, but that’s actually a good thing. Your technology is proven, we know that it’s accurate, we know how it can enhance games, we know the kinds of new genres it can support. We also know that it will be very family friendly and offer some hardcore interest too. It’s the best of both worlds and we’re pretty excited. But now we need from you what Microsoft didn’t give us. Games.

The floor is yours. We thought it was an error to bundle in Move with your E3 conference, but now we think you’ve made the right choice. This is your chance to prove to everyone what having a controller inĀ  your hand, having accuracy of movement and fidelity of control means to gaming. By all means, throw us some bowling sims and a little lightsabre waving, but give us some meaty stuff too. Real games for those of us melded to our own sofas. If you can give us that then E3 is yours for the taking.

And we only have half a day to find out if you can do it.

Yours Team Play

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