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Kill Off These Series, For The Good Of Gaming

Kill Off These Series, For The Good Of Gaming

There’s often articles, pieces, lists and other such internet-based tomfoolery going on that calls for defunct series to make a return. “We want Jak and Daxter to come out of retirement!” they cry. “I was a fan of the 50 Cent series! They should make more!” they furiously bleat. “Why did Two Crude Dudes never get a current-gen sequel!” they question, except wielding an exclamation mark.

That’s all fair enough – I was one of those people bleating about wanting to see a new Syndicate and X-Com. I got my wishes, though I’m still worried about the Starbreeze property (Firaxis’ take on Enemy Unknown looks to be as close to perfect as my brain could have hoped).

But I don’t want to join in this wall of bleating. No, I want to adopt that other traditional internet attitude of all-out fury. Hatred. Anger. I don’t want to encourage; I want to discourage and destroy. I want to name a few series I want to see die. I don’t hate them. This isn’t based on malice. I don’t even dislike these series. But I have my reasons, as contained within.

First up, and what could be seen as rather obviously, comes Call Of Duty. This entertainment juggernaut is, as far as I am concerned, ruining much of the creativity in gaming. Every developer seems pressed into making their game like COD in at least some way and – while it’s not necessarily bad to play – it’s boring. Screw boring. I want excitement. Creativity. Fun. I would include Battlefield on this list, but as I find it the far superior online game I would want it to carry on – downloadable, online-only, no nonsense single-player game bolted on.

Next up, I would not lose much sleep over the deaths of both FIFA and PES. Why? Surely I must be mad? There is method to the craziness here, though. I don’t want to see no football games. I love football games. FIFA and PES do fine. But I want them to be eliminated so we can out-and-out start again. They’ve become staid. Formulaic. Raze them to the ground so they can be rebuilt anew, fresh and ready for modern gaming. With better tackling systems.

Finally, at least for this brief list (I have many more I wouldn’t mind seeing bugger off, but they’re mainly based on blind hatred so not worth covering), we have Assassin’s Creed. The first one was boring pap, while the second was very good – if not incredibly bloated. Then they increased the bloat. And again. And threw in a PSP version. And other portable versions. And wouldn’t shut up about it. And released one every damn year. And I lost track. And I fell behind. And I never got to play them properly beyond the second game. And it annoyed me. And I want the series to die purely so I can actually catch up with the damn thing.

I’d be tempted to throw Resident Evil in this pile too, but that’s just overkill right now.

Commence comments below. Feel free to add your games/series to the list, but expect to be disagreed with vehemently (while I’m being slagged off for “bad journalism”).

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  • Adam

    Grand Theft Auto for me. When i first played GTA:III i never thought i would tire of such genius, all the way up to GTA:IV which was enjoyable if not remarkable IMO. The problem arose with the tiime between IV and Liberty city stories. During which i played fallout 3/new vegas, assassin creed (all), oblivion, arkham asylum, the list goes on.

    Played all that lot, attempted ballad of gay tony, lasted 20 minutes, bored me to tears.

    I hope V will reinvigorate what has gone before, but i doubt it.

  • Jamie

    While I love the Assassins Creeds games I would like it maybe not to die but become injured and take a few years off. The gap between 1 and 2 for instance changed the game completely and made it interesting again. The story behind it has always been excellent but the first games’ gameplay just got repetetive and boring after awhile and it was only the story that dragged me through to the end of it. AC2, in my opinion, was excellent the story was merged brilliantly with the gameplay with a character we saw grow and mature and we could feel his pain his hatred and wanted him to continue. Brotherhood was ok although by this time it was just starting to get a teeny bit repetetive again but the new borgia control and renovating shops and completing guild quests and of course the inclusion of an excellent multiplayer helped overlook this but by revelations I’m bored again and the game has become tedius and with other great games like Skyrim and the insanity of SR3 to draw me away even the story hasn’t kept me hooked this time. I say don’t release AC3 next year, take another year or 2 if you have to and really improve the game a lot. I hate this one game a year crap because then the game slips into this unending phase of slightly improved graphics and “completely overhauled game engine” that runs exactly the same as he previous ones did sort of like the WWE franchise which has also lost me as a fan.

    You know what? Erase all that above and just add WWE games to the list it will probably be easier.