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Kick-Ass Game Coming To PSN

Kick-Ass Game Coming To PSN


We’ve got a couple of excellent looking comic-inspired action movies coming in the next few months and easily the most popular at the moment is Kick-Ass, created by Mark Millar, the comic writer behind Wanted. Now we’ve got a game based on the movie, based on the comic coming out April 15 on PSN and iPhone. The game is a third-person action title with three playable characters and local co-op.

Kick-Ass: The Game is being handled by WHA Entertainment who are apparently digital distribution specialists. Playable characters in the game include the titular Kick-Ass, teenage assassin Hit-Girl and her father Big Daddy. The movie promises to be a very funny and hopefully quite exciting action flick thanks to its director Matthew Vaughn so expect similar beats from the game. It will be comprised of 8 missions with bosses, mini-games and side missions too. Not too shabby really.

Seems a little late in the day to be announcing a game based on this movie, but what the hell? Could still be a good laugh.

Via VG247

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