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Ken Levine: BioShock Move Will Be Cheating Gamers

Ken Levine: BioShock Move Will Be Cheating Gamers

Ken Levine has revealed why BioShock Infinite won’t support Move in an exclusive interview with Play.

“I’d never want to throw in Move support just because it’s going to make some first party happy or because some marketing department wants it on the box because, at the end of the day, gamers know,” he admitted. “If you don’t have anything special to say about that control device gamers are going to know.”

However, the BioShock chief is open to the idea of 3D gaming and doesn’t say whether BioShock Infinite will support 3D as an option or not.

“3D is a little bit different… it’s something I’d be more open to. I’m not saying whether we’re doing that or not but it’s sort of a passive integration. Unlike movies, you don’t just shoot it differently. Games are 3D. But I think if you’re going to get out, front and centre on something, you have to be able to say you’re doing something special with it. Especially with a control device.

“Do you want to play BioShock and it’s like, ‘okay, do you want to harvest or save Little Sister? Waggle left to harvest, waggle right to save!’ You can have Move support on your box but people are going to know you’re cheating them.”

To read the full interview with Ken Levine, where he talks about multiplayer, marketing departments, the BioShock tricks he’s leaving behind, one of the game scenarios involving Elizabeth and why Irrational will never make a Left 4 Dead clone, grab issue 203 of Play, on sale from Imagine e-Shop now.

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