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Keith The Dream Alive


Several months ago Nick, for reasons best know to himself, posed the following question to the rest of the team: Keith Chegwin’s head on a monkey’s body, or a monkey’s head on Keith Chegwin’s body? This led to weeks of debate among the Play team and among members of other magazine teams who got drawn into the fray. No one could agree and the situation never really was resolved. In the end though, Nick had to stamp his authority down before his subordinates came to blows, declaring that the official company line was that we would prefer Keith Chegwin’s head on a monkey’s body, and that anyone saying otherwise would get an official warning. Sometimes the only way to bring peace is to enforce a dictatorship.

Anyway, all had been quiet on the Keith Chegwin, monkey front for a few months. We’d not really been thinking about it. Then yesterday I went to EA’s summer tour event, at which there was a surprise showing of Facebreaker, the most exciting aspect of which is the Boxer Factory. The Boxer Factory uses technology you may have seen in recent Tiger Woods titles to let you generate a boxer using a photo uploaded to EA servers, then downloaded into the game on your console. You can tweak the shape of the head to make it exactly like the person in the photo, but the body can’t really be customised – you simply choose which of the pre-set boxers’ bodies you want to put your custom head onto.

Here’s the exciting bit: one of the pre-set boxers is a monkey. You know what that means, don’t you? You can get a photo of Keith Chegwin (star of Cheggers Part Quiz on the PS2), upload it to the EA server, download into your game, make a boxer’s head out of it, then PUT IT ON A MONKEY’S BODY!!

It’s like they read our minds. Our tiny, warped, little minds.

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