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Keep Your Saves Safe

Keep Your Saves Safe

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Cloud storage isn’t the only way you can save your sanity: USB storage devices and, if you have an older PS3, different kinds of memory stick can all be used to back-up your save data.

Why am I pointing this seemingly obvious thing out? Because I’ve just been bitten in the rump by my own idiocy; consigned to the scrapheap of starting again through my own arrogance, my own hubris.

Being a member of PlayStation Plus means every time you start a new game for the first time you are met with a message. The message asks if you would like to set it so your saves are automatically uploaded to the cloud storage system.

Every single time this message popped up – every single time – I pressed ‘no’. I do not know why. I think it was some deluded attempt to be thrifty – save some space online for the stuff you really want to upload.

I didn’t even think to back-up my data on a memory stick – why would I? It’s only one of the things anyone with any knowledge of technology at all does. Because hard drives are frail, fickle mistresses, and things can – things do – go wrong.

Yesterday, things went wrong.

Through my foolishness – my blind arrogance; the feeling that I am untouchable as ‘I know what I’m on about’ when it comes to gaming – I have lost five years of saved data. A series of random crashes ultimately resulted in a corrupted hard drive – the only way around it is to format the beast.

There’s no way around it – for once Sony’s encryption has held off the hackers, and in five years they haven’t been able to penetrate hard drives formatted for the console. There’s no way in to salvage anything. It’s all gone. Start again.

It’s not the end of the world – it’s barely anything more than a minor inconvenience. But it is the sort of thing that kicks you in the nuts and reminds you of something – and in doing so turns you into an evangelist for the cause, much like spinal injuries turn certain celebrities into mouthpieces for routes of scientific study they didn’t care about just a day before.

Remember to back up your saves: use USB memory, use the cloud service, use whatever. Don’t be a fool like I was, or you’ll end up having to replay 105 hours of Skyrim to get back to where you were.

And ohgod I’ve lost all my cars on GT5…

(NOTE: Worse things have happened at sea.)

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  • Adam

    Hi Ian,

    Can you recommend a Memory stick for the original 60GB PS3 for me to back up my 8gb Skyrim save? I have a horrible feeling my PS3 will fail me before i finish it in about a years time but have no idea what to look for back-up wise.


  • Ian Dransfield

    Hey Adam – something like this:


    should suffice. Plenty of extra space for other saves, too.

  • Adam

    Sweet thanks Ian.

  • DO’G

    Hi Ian

    I really should do that now as my PS3 crashes every time i quit a game or it takes a minute (yes a whole minute) for it to get from the ps3 logo to the xmb???

  • Ian Dransfield

    Yeah, that doesn’t sound too healthy. Can’t hurt to back-up.

  • shaun

    Reading this has got me worried, my ps3 has been crashing alot lately, i thought it was just struggling with skyrim and im still telling myself that, i cant play skyrim for over 2 hours without it crashing although mw3 works fine.
    Still i think i should back my data up, i have 120g slim ps3, what can i use to back-up? i don’t have ps plus. please help.

  • Pete

    Problem is some of my saves are locked and cannot be backed up or copied! That’s the most annoying thing!

  • Ian Dransfield


    If other games work fine it might just be Skyrim – it is prone to being a bit of a buggy bastard. Still, backing up seems to be the smart thing to do (which I foolishly didn’t) – you can use an external hard drive via USB, or a memory stick like the one I linked to above. You won’t be able to copy protected saves though – you need PS+ for that.

    Which leads me to…

    You can copy protected saves (though with some time-based limitations) using PS+. Unfortunately I don’t know of any way you can copy them without it.

  • shaun

    Thanks ian. i think im going to run out and get ps plus today, cheaper than an external hard drive plus you get to keep all your saves.

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