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Katamari creator unveils latest project

Katamari creator unveils latest project


The man behind Noby Noby Boy and Katamari Damacy, Keita Takahashi, has just revealed new details on his next major undertaking. It’s not on the PS3, it’s not on the 360, it’s not even on the Wii, DS or PSP… it’s on a large public park on the outskirts of Nottingham.

Takahashi commented that he was interested in designing a children’s playground a few years back and it turns out he really wasn’t kidding. Nottingham City Council has contracted the eccentric Namco Bandai game director to design a playground in Woodthorpe Grange Park, and he’ll be spending a month in the city visiting the planned site and meeting local children to discuss what they would like to be included.

Speaking exclusively to NowGamer, Takahashi said, “In parks, items are usually fixed but I am hoping – if the budget allows and with health and safety in mind – to produce items that are not fixed. And it would be great to make use of a hill there. Designing and making things is what I did at university so it’s not unusual for me to do stuff like this. I’m not sure if I will use my character because there is a copyright issue, but who knows?”

This is all very heartwarming, but as gamers who are too big and old to go on playgrounds, we hope he gets back to game design soon.

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