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Kane & Lynch 2 Dog Days impressions – Blood & Nudity

Kane & Lynch 2 Dog Days impressions – Blood & Nudity


I’ve been playing the review version of Kane & Lynch 2 Dog Days over the weekend and while I can’t post a review due to review embargoes and because I haven’t finished it yet, of course, I can post a few impressions.

I want to focus on one particular level that has really stood out do far, but I don’t want to spoil anything so I can’t really say exactly why it’s stood out. I can say that during its first few moments I went “WTF!?”, “Ouch!” and “Huh?” in quick succession, and that it wasn’t long before it got even weirder. It got to the point where I honestly couldn’t figure out if it was supposed to be funny or disturbing. I think I decided in the end it was probably supposed to be both, but I’m not sure if it was actually either. It was just… really weird.

So what was it? I can’t say – I’d be spoiling it. But I will say there was blood and nudity and leave it at that. Oh, and for the sake of a bit of a curved ball, there were big squares. Ponder that, if you will…

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  • Me

    Your talking about the censor on nudity and violent head shot. If i am right I didn’t understand or like the fact that they blur out when you shoot someone in the face considering that if you move a certain angle there is no gore the face is still intact. They should have just left it like other games where if you shoot someone in the face nothing happens to their face but they don’t blur it out. But all that aside I think the game will be a great game.

  • Gavin Mackenzie

    There’s more to what I’m talking about than that, although that’s kinda part of it.

  • Melroy

    Hey Gav,
    Would it be fair to say this game should be a fairly new take on the third person shooter? I just played the demo and it’s literally the low-res Youtube camera filter that’s got me interested in playing even more. And judging by this article, I’m guessing the story also goes to weird and new places as well,right? :).

  • Gavin Mackenzie

    The audio-visual style is completely new, yes. And the story has one really weird bit.

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