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Journey: Hands-on First Impressions

Journey: Hands-on First Impressions

“Ooooh look at me, I’m all relaxing and vast and floaty and pretty.”

And there you have our first impression of Journey, the upcoming PSN release from thatgamecompany. Yes, Play magazine is that witty.

For serious though, we have had some hands-on time with the beta now and it’s safe to say it’s ‘not shit’. I don’t know how much detail I can go into, plus we have to save some for the magazine, so instead I’ll just be vague and annoying by not really going into much depth.

The simple act of wandering through the sand conjures up a mixture of feelings – weird, as it’s as simple as pushing the left stick in the direction you want to go. There’s a feeling of serenity, from the soft give of the world in front of you. There’s a feeling of safety, as it never feels like this cushioned world could ever hurt you (though anyone falling from any distance onto sand can surely attest to the fact it does actually hurt sometimes). There’s a feeling of irritation too, as the sand – and the dunes – slow your ever-going progress, meaning you have to wait longer to get where you’re going. Then there’s a feeling of loneliness, conjured up by the sparse, mainly empty – sand-filled – landscape around you.

All that, just from sand. Not to put my wank-hat on, but Journey might just be a bloody brilliant little package when it gets released later this year.

It might be crap, mind you.

(It won’t)

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