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John Daly’s ProStroke Golf could be the greatest golf game ever made

John Daly’s ProStroke Golf could be the greatest golf game ever made


When you receive another press release for another game or series you have little actual interest in, nor is it something you could have interest in, it’s likely you’ll ignore it. When you, as readers, see these press releases recycled into news stories all over the web you’re just as likely to ignore them. Fortunately though, we decided to actually check out who John Daly – star of the new ProStroke Golf game – was (after Gav said “he’s the one who hits it really far, isn’t he?”). We’re glad we did.

While the Tiger Woods series definitely has its plus points and its fair share of fans, the series is a little too straight-laced for our liking – which is why we prefer Everybody’s Golf, which is a much more interesting title, playing just as good a game of golf. But this new contender to the throne could well bring both an interesting game and a realistic wodge of credibility with it. Why? Just check John Daly’s Wikipedia:

  • He wears Loudmouth Golf attire, which makes him look like a (golfing) clown.
  • He does indeed hit tee shots really far.
  • He travels to tournaments in his own RV (‘camper van’ to you and me).
  • He was sponsored by Hooters until 2009.
  • He has repeatedly been suspended from golfing competitions – including the PGA Championship – for drinking-related incidents.
  • He has lost between $50-60 million gambling.
  • He used to be of the ‘larger persuasion’ before ‘Lap-Band surgery’ helped him lose 100 pounds.
  • He shaved his mullet off for charity, and he does a fair few other things for that there chari-dee.
  • Multiple ex-wives.

Compared to Tiger Woods’ recent transgressions – which lost him numerous sponsorship deals – Daly is probably the least likely candidate in the world to have a golf game based around him. Still, that’s where we’re at, and if it’s made with the true spirit of the man behind it, it could well be a very interesting golf game indeed.


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  • barefootsyl

    its good to find a new golf game here is hoping its similar to links 2004 which unfortunatly got its demise when when xsm sports closed its servers. please tell me it can be played on xbox we nead something other than tiger woods. thank you

  • tommy

    Just got this game after already having 3Tiger woods and this is by far the best! So much easier to play and less stressful (if you know what i mean) so much more enjoable

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