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Jeanne D’Arc – never released in the UK


As Level-5’s PS3 exclusive White Knight Chronicles makes a sturdy, if inconsequential effect on the Japanese software charts, I started wondering about what happened to Level-5’s PSP tactical RPG, Jeanne D’Arc, in the UK. I picked it up at an import shop, but didn’t realise at the time that it never found its way to these shores.

This is rather unfortunate. The game generated a positive reception from critics and is visually among the best on the console, but Sony Europe opted out of releasing it in the UK. In all fairness, it would’ve made little to no difference on the UK charts, but still, on a console that is genuinely starved for decent software, even having on the shelves would do something to boost its reputation.

Still, Movietyme is stocking it for £15.99, so it’s not like it’s impossible to get hold of. I hope that Level-5’s next PSP title, the beautiful Ushiro, receives better treatment from Sony.

By the way, Diner Dash, Ape Escape P and Marvel Trading Card Game are available in the UK. Only one of these is from Sony, but still, when this trio of atrocities are available in Game and Jeanne D’Arc is not, the decisions made behind the scenes deserve some level of scrutiny.

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  • David Macphail

    As long as WKC comes to the UK, i’m happy.