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Jay-Z Explains DJ Hero Involvement

Jay-Z Explains DJ Hero Involvement


Speaking to MTV Jay-Z has explained why he chose to get involved with DJ Hero‘s Renegade edition. Siting his love of gaming and a desire to spread hip-hop to new audiences as the ultimate reason for getting involved, he admitted that the success of games like Guitar Hero was also a major draw. The MC legend seemed genuine in his love of the title and believes in what it’s trying to do.

DJ_Hero_Renegade_Edition_-_Case“Immediately, of course, with the success of Guitar Hero, it piqued my interest,” Jay-Z admitted. “Then, you know, on top of that, it was something from the hip hop culture, so any time, you know, I can expand the genre and introduce it to new audiences and widen it. You know, the reach of what hip hop can do, you know, I’m interested in that. And then, you know, after playing the game, you really get the feeling, like you know, you can be Grand Master Flash.”

The specifics of the game aside, Jay-Z also claimed to have been a big gamer in the past. “I was really a gamer. Ask any of the guys,” he said. “Madden, all these types of games, I was really like a problem. It was my thing for a while… I played a lot of the sports games growing up. So it was like those first Bulls vs. Celtics and the [NBA] Live‘s and Madden, of course.”

The Renegade Edition of DJ Hero features exclusive tracks from Jay-Z and Eminem and will be available from October 30 along with the standard edition of the game. You can see a teaser of the Jay-Z and Eminem content at NowGamer –>HERE<–

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