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Jaffe not at E3: does the new Twisted Metal exist?


After a list of supposed games to be shown at E3 popped up the other day a lot of people got excited. The likes of Mass Effect 3 for PS3, a new Road Rash game and, of course, Twisted Metal: Harbor City were name-checked. While some of them are obviously the dreams of some wild madman, high off the power of making up lists, there has been a lot of speculation about a new Twisted Metal, especially in the last few months.

But series creator David Jaffe stepped in to correct us all, Tweeting (as he does so very much):

Well I assure you 100% that is not accurate. If my game would be at E3, I would be there. ALSO we are NOT making that game.

Which made us wonder – what the hell is going on? So let’s speculate, quite mindlessly. Does the new Twisted Metal exist? If so, who is making it? And what is Jaffe doing if it isn’t “that game”?

– We would like to believe there is a new Twisted Metal game, but that is solely because we’re massive fans of number two and Black. Thus making this more fanboyism than analysis, but still. There’s been too much speculation – if it didn’t exist, surely we would have been told outright that it doesn’t exist (maybe we already have, but our hope got in the way and stopped us from listening). Plus there was that image. No, we want Twisted Metal to exist. We hope it does. Or we’ll get cross.

– But as for who is making the game? Well, Jaffe has hinted numerous times that what his company Eat, Sleep, Play are working on is something along the lines of a TM  game. But then, the man is quite the tease, so let’s say they’re not working on it. Instead let’s say Platinum Games are working on it, thus making the alleged new Twisted Metal one of the most insane games ever made. That would be fun.

– So if Eat, Sleep, Play aren’t making a possible new TM game, what are they doing? Simple: God Of All Cars. It’s a cross between an in-depth police simulator and extreme violence. We’ve just made that up, but we do want to play it now.

Baseless speculation ends now.

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