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Jaffe: GTA IV too arty

It turns out David Jaffe isn’t a fan of GTA IV. In an exclusive interview with Play, the God Of War guru said that he had lost interest in the GTA series now it’s become “more artistic”.

“I was enthused by games from Atari. I loved the old Atari 2600 games like Adventure. Raiders Of The Lost Ark and Combat were also great and I put the framed game boxes on my wall. Nowadays, I play MGS4, Bad Company, COD4, stuff like that. I’ve lost interest in GTA now it’s become more artistic”.

Jaffe also revealed to Play that the main reason he left Sony was because of money disputes. “God Of War was a really successful game,” he said. “And I felt the reward I received from having so much input just wasn’t enough.”

But what about God Of War III? Well, the founder of EatSleepPlay said he still has a great relationship with Sony, and that he “wouldn’t mind” if his studio acted as a consultant on the series. He also reiterated that EatSleepPlay has been contracted to produce three more PS3-exclusive titles, though he wouldn’t reveal what they were.

Read the full and frank interview with David Jaffe in issue 173 of Play, on sale now!

  • meh

    Interesting how now he doesn’t mind saying why he left, only took him over a year.

  • Anon

    I think that one of the three exclusives must be Twisted Metal..

  • WWW

    Come on people spelling! I before E except after C!!

    Received not Recieved!

    Tut Tut.