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Jack Black needs more action in his soup

Jack Black needs more action in his soup


In an interview with USA Today, Brütal Legend star Jack Black has talked candidly about his gaming past, how he grew up with games from their early days and once flipped the bird at Bizarre Creations for making a game what was too hard. He also talked about his perfect balance of action and strategy, claiming that he personally prefers a mixture of both. That’s pretty handy given that’s exactly what Brütal Legend offers.

“I started out with Space Invaders and graduated to Asteroids and Pac-Man and Donkey Kong,” Black began. “I loved Scramble and Marble Madness. There is no one game that stands out as the one game I always wanted to play. I was an avid gamer.” He first got interested in games when Space Invaders suddenly turned up in his local takeaways. “I remember you’d go to your burrito shop or whatever and it had the pinball machines there back in 1975, ’76 or ’77, I don’t remember exactly when it was, but suddenly there was a huge box next to the pinball machine that had Space Invaders. That was the beginning.”

But what was it that annoyed him so much that he swore at Bizarre Creations? “I conquered what I thought to be the hardest game of all time on expert mode,” Black said. “It was Project Gotham Racing, I can’t remember if it was [PGR] 2 or Project Gotham Racing 1. Whatever it was, it was so ******* hard to conquer it on Expert mode, to get all Platinum medals in all the events. I was so angry at them for making something so, so hard that when I conquered it I took a picture of me standing in front of the screen that proved I conquered it flipping the bird.”

Asked whether he preferred ‘twitch’ or ‘thinking’ games Black sought the middle ground. “I like a mixture,” he explained. “If it’s just thinking, then you are talking about like Myst and I need a little more action in my soup. But if it’s just a twitch game, I assume you mean like just a mindless point and shoot. Yeah, I need a little of both.” Thankfully his new game Brütal Legend also offers a mix of the cerebral and brainless with hack-‘n’-slash combat mixed in with some real-time strategy gameplay as things move on.

Brütal Legend is released this Friday (16 Rocktober) and is reviewed in the next issue of Play.

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