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It’s time to take away Pachter’s platform


Michael Pachter, of investment types Wedbush Morgan, has become quite a big name in the world of gaming. Please re-read that sentence. Try and imagine the world as it was a year ago, or a bit more than that: when the name Michael Pachter meant nothing to you, and the thought of an analyst working for a financial services and investment company being somewhat synonymous with gaming was alien. Would you think we would be in this situation today? No, you likely wouldn’t.

Now it would be easy here to go on another hilarious rant about how Pachter needs to stop talking about gaming as if he knows what he’s talking about (otherwise we’ll start advising people on the NASDAQ), but that seems to be missing the point somewhat. While Michael is all too keen to put his analysis out there for us to gobble up, most of us simply wouldn’t know what he had said about anything if it weren’t for the news sites.

It is the gaming news sites that perpetuate the myth that is Pachter; giving credence to comments that deserve none; giving a platform for comments that show a shocking lack of understanding on the comment-makers part; re-reporting throwaway sentences as if they really are news. I have a request to these news outlets: stop it.

Stop reporting Michael Pachter stories as if they are anything approaching news. Stop reporting the numerous other analyst comments as though they set the world on fire with their megaton-y goodness. These people are not bad people, and I’m sure they do their analytical jobs just fine, but they are not providing comments for the sake of gaming news – they do not contain the specialist knowledge they would if they were from enthusiasts and they tend to just be used to spark controversy or nab some cheap hits.

What about a compromise? I’ll say you can report the utterances of Pachter et al, but instead of blindly quoting and setting it loose, you have to offer some level of analysis. You have to question what is said. You have to do follow-up research. You have to make claims about the NASDAQ. Anything. Please. Just stop quoting a man who knows very little about the games industry as if he knows very lottle.

Otherwise you’ll be getting more petulant blogs like this from me.

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  • Steve123

    No more petulant blogs please. You don’t even offer up examples of why he’s wrong. You just sound like a hurt ex-girlfriend…

  • peterc

    bollocks. pachter rocks. he’s not always right but his opinions are always interesting, and always back up by reason, logic and insight. unlike this article. learn to proof read at least for god’s sake, troll.

  • Diago

    He’s a money grabing MS whore.
    Soon after he’s contract with Viacom he started wearing suits on Gametrailers saying mindless xbox biased nonsense.
    Viacom has a 500 million dollar deal with Microsoft.

    This guy doesn’t even play games, yet he acts as if he has a worthy opinion about them.

  • HagenBombel

    I think its time to take away your platform. michael pachter is not the problem. its all the *Pancakey* gaming blogs that dont bother to write interesting articles anymore. lazy writers that couldnt come up with a good story by themselfs. their input are other *Pancakey* gaming blogs.
    **edited for poor language choices**

  • NamelessTed

    I think Michael Pachter is great. I have been interested in what he has been saying for a few years now He has a very specific job in speculative analysis in the video game world.

    I do think many websites don’t report properly though. All too often I see sites that basically just take two quotes that he said in his most recent “PachAttack” on Game Trailers and made it a post. This is complete shit. I can go to GT and watch the video, I don’t need websites to give me a transcript of it.

    One thing I think is great though, is when a website posts some quotes from Pachter and then either explain why they agree or disagree with what Pachter is saying. Of course, the responses need to be well informed and properly explained. There are plenty of times where I have disagreed with certain thing that he says and I am able to explain my reasoning behind it.

    One other thing that I hate the most is when a website tries to interpret what Pachter has said and completely gotten the wrong meaning out of it. And then they post an article that makes it sound like Pachter has said one thing, but he never really said that thing. I think that is one of the big factors as to why people think he is wrong a lot of the time. Its because they misinterpret his words because they are too simple minded.

    All in all, Pachter is awesome.

  • Tadow

    Yeah cause the world would be a much better place where no one has an opinion and everyone just agrees with each other…

    I’m sorry but its blogs like these – telling people what they should and shouldn’t do – which need to step off.

  • Ian Dransfield

    It’s not Pachter’s analysis I’m taking issue with here, it’s the fact it’s blindly re-reported by sites as if it’s news. I’m sure even we’re guilty of that once or twice in the past.

    I shouldn’t have to point this out, but it does seem people are reading the title/intro and nothing more.

  • Vlajs

    I thought you’d provide some info on where he was wrong. Can’t remember so I clicked to read this article and got very disappointed 🙁

  • icegamerice

    I agree with you Ian. I actually find myself either laughing or facepalming at his quotes which every website sees as BREAKING NEWS! I just can’t take this guy seriously. Most quotes are either predictions which never come true or stuff anybody can guess.

    This is one of my favourites as an example. “3DS will do more than just 3D”. YOU THINK? Of course it will do more than 3D!!!! Everybody knows Nintendo launch a console with several twists. And the twisted metal one just before E3 was funny. Because everybody knew it was just a guess and yet the media was reporting it as you have said above. No questions asked.

    The funniest thing of all was it came true.

  • Steve123

    @ Ian:

    And I suppose this is ‘news’ too, is it? Perhaps people lost interest after the intro, which is why you’re receiving ‘misinformed’ responses…

    Speaking constructively, however, if these writers annoy you so much just do all in your power to be completely unlike them. Don’t post yet another “stop doing this” article, because a) it’s another ‘news’ post that isn’t news, and b) it just comes across as whiny.

  • waru
  • Ian Dransfield

    Where, in the part of the post at the top where it says “opinion”, does it say this is news, exactly?

  • Steve123

    The fact it was pushed onto N4G suggests it was to be treated as news…

  • romansboy

    I think I’ll have my dad start making gaming industry predictions because he’s not a gamer either. Everyone has an opinion on something but if you spend 10 hour a day behind a desk and none behind a controller you should keep quiet about gaming. Gaming journalists are giving this pinhead his power by putting his name in headlines way too often. Hell, I know exactly how to stop the oil spill in the Gulf but no one will put me in the news to tell BP how, and they should because I buy gas so that makes me an expert! RIGHT???

  • Ian Dransfield


    It’s on N4G as an opinion piece too.

    Apologies, this isn’t meant to be as argumentative on my part as it sounds.

  • SmokedCheeseOnCrackers

    Looks like this one backfired eh?

    I have to say though, though the article needs examples and is a bit of a lazy diatribe rather than a well backed up and reasoned opinion piece, I do agree with the notion that Patcher is completely oversubscribed to in the gaming press.

    Wasn’t it Patcher that predicted something about Sony launching a cut price PS3, sans bluray drive? Just one of his many preposterous claims.

    I’d love to be an analyst. It seems all you need to do is read the odd gaming blog, make some obvious predictions and throw in a load of crazy made up stuff to grab some press attention and demand a six figure a year salary – cha ching! Perhaps it isn’t Patcher who’s the fool 😉

  • Steve123

    Regardless of this post’s categorisation, the point I’m trying to make is articles like this don’t change anything. You can’t stop crappy writers mis-quoting, mis-referencing or blabbing about Pachter – nor will you stop people having an opinion. So just rise above it and write some real news instead.

  • Trunkz Jr

    Michael Pachter is the Sylvia brown of Video games.

  • Tim

    Pachter also said that Nintendo would release the “WiiHD” in 2010.


    He also said that the only things that Nintendo added to the new DS versions were slimmer models and a couple cameras. Did he forget about the SD card slot and downloadable games? He doesn’t care about games, just headlines. He’s been saying that Nintendo is going to release a “WiiHD” for a long time.

    I think that Pachter just throws a whole bunch of predictions out there just to say that he was right at least once. There’s no real logic behind him, just a whole bunch of crap.

  • Anon

    @ Ian Dransfield (author) and this article

    What a huge waste of time. You’ve gone to great lengths to show everyone you’re a superior moron. You apparently know absolutely nothing of Pachter or his job. If you’re complaining about how his opinion is “news” according to people who post his opinions, then you should be attacking the idiots who call his opinions “news”, not Pachter himself. You’re a huge douche, Ian.

  • Anon

    @ Ian Dransfield (author)

    …and if you’re getting sick of people telling you that your article sucks, then maybe you should’ve written a better title because the title is misleading when related to your article. The name Pachter shouldn’t be anywhere in your title because this article isn’t about him. It’s about other so called “news” sites that attribute the classification of “news” to Pachter’s and many other analyzer’s opinions.

  • Tim

    Who cares what he has to say? If some people want to hear his opinion, he has every right to. If you do not like Rush Limbaugh or Glenn Beck, they just don’t go away, you have the right not to listen or watch them.

    Same applies here. If you don’t want to hear his opinion, don’t read his articles! Its that simple.

    Seeing that your goal is to discredit this man, you are doing quite the opposite by bringing more attention to him. I didn’t know anything about him previously, but now I will look him up because his opinion clearly bothered someone enough to right an angry blog post about it.

  • Paul

    Pachter IS an idiot, and its about time someone blogs about it. I would normally say who cares about this schmuck, but his opinions are highly valued in the investment community. By posting mostly bearish forecasts on the industry, he’s aiding in the stock price decline and potentially hurting each company’s ability to expand and take chances.

    A prime example was his forecast of Red Dead Redemption. He first went on record by saying that it would sell 2 million copies total since Europeans dislike Westerns. After RDR surpassed that in the first 2 weeks, he appeared to concede to his error and revised his forecast to 4 million sales. He should have stopped at that point but since his ego won’t allow him to be wrong, had to comment that RDR’s 1.5 million North American NPD numbers was short of his 1.8 million forecast for the first 2 weeks of release. What?!?!

    You can’t blame Pachter. It’s the investment and gaming communities at fault for giving this person a valuable voice.

  • Garan

    I think Pachter pulls random gaming related words out of a hat,makes it a sentence and theres his bull shit for the day.

  • ccman

    Pachter is an ass. Simple as that. But he’s an individual ass, and those types of asses are very much plentiful in our here meek society. It’s when asses promote other asses that a problem arises, because the entire thing becomes ass; much like the majority of major gaming sites today, which are, incase you haven’t noticed, run by the most crusty, hot-button, pimpled puss-filled asses in existence.

    I’ve witnessed repeated failures to exercise due diligence, with sites often blindly reporting a story of a story of a story from a select network of gaming sites (gametrailers, ign, gamespot, kotaku, 1up, and destructoid). They swap and share stories, and promote their little friends, including Pachter and other stupid people who seem to be game-famous for whatever facile cause.

    And yet, I don’t blame Pachter. He’s just a guy getting along, trying to make ends-meet. The blame ultimately rests on the owners and editors of the sites. They are the problem, they’ve always been the problem. There isn’t one non-magazine affiliated site that isn’t sensationalistic.

    Second, it’s the readers who give the sites hits. I refuse to go to destructoid. And I refuse to watch any of gametrailers’ stupid “comedy” videos aimed at twelve-year-olds and ignoramouses, such as “Old Jew Review” and “Pach-Attack” (starring, guess who). Pointless, unfunny drivel.

    The industry will probably crash, because so many people lack the ability to look at things from a critical perspective. No, I’m not being melodramatic. As long as people give attention to high-paid morons, people who speak loudly about nonsense, and kneel to the blind, biased evils of company-worship/obsession, games will become stagnant. It’s happening already. But I hope it doesn’t.