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It’s Boxing Day!

It’s Boxing Day!

But you know this, because you hopefully noticed that it was Christmas yesterday.

I realised I didn’t know the origin of Boxing Day and looked it up on Wikipedia. Guess what? Wikipedia doesn’t know either! The name is believed to come from the tradition of metal boxes being placed outside churches for special offerings OR wealthy landowners giving their servants the day off and boxing up gifts and leftover food for them OR Victorian tradesmen collecting ‘boxes’ after Christmas as a thanks for reliable service during the year. It has nothing to do with two men punching each other. Which is a disappointment.

Still, I’d love to hear from someone more educated on the origins of Boxing Day than myself where the name actually comes from, so let me know.

I celebrated Christmas Day by playing Noby Noby Boy, Sly Collection, Final Fantasy IX and watching Commando on Blu-Ray. I should be topical and say I’m going to play Fight Night today but that would be a lie. I’m probably going to play Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit. And then watch Predator on Blu-Ray. Christmas holidays rock.

What did you get for Christmas Day? How did you celebrate yours?

  • conor

    sims 3 and assasains creed brotherhood

  • Garan

    Long ago in 1999 on the 26 of December[Factual Date].A gift wrapped box arrived at the home of P.J. Williams[Not made up].Upon opening the box P.J. discover in the box a giant boxing glover on a spring which proceeded to pop out(with a sound) and hit him in the face over and over again.This however has nothing to do with the fact that on the 26 of December familys used to box their left overs from the day before and give them to charity.Most of what I wrote is true except for the part about the box,it wasn’t actually wrapped(poor P.J.).As for my Chritmas presents I got PS Move and all the accessories,and on boxing day I didn’t get leftovers I got instead a hangover,which I wish I could have given to charity.:P