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Play Issue 190 On Sale Today!

Play Issue 190 On Sale Today!

Just a little heads-up to let you all know that the glorious issue 190 of Play is out to buy (or download on your iPhone) today and it’s one of the best things ever, seriously – you get a free poster and everything!

In fact this month it feels like Christmas has come early (or late depending on your viewpoint) as we’ve had the pleasure of playing a host of games that are set to be bigger than Santa’s waist line. Our cover feature Red Dead Redemption is a prime example. Naively labelled by some as GTA in the Wild West, Rockstar’s latest project has so much more to offer and is truly a child of the next generation. Its unique take on the past provides a true window into the future and is setting the bar very high for all other open-world adventure games that follow.

While Red Dead might come as a huge surprise to some, another game we’ve had in the office this month has been eagerly awaited now for three years and heralds the arrival of Kratos in his first and possibly last outing on PS3 – in his current incarnation anyway. The third instalment in the outstanding God Of War canon is looking to end the series in spectacular fashion and deliver an epic experience that just wasn’t possible until now. Does it achieve its godly goal? Read our review to find out.

It’s taken a little longer than Sony stalwarts might have liked but these two games alone act as prime examples of the PS3 coming into its own and truly delivering on promises made a few years back. Having played them I truly believe that these experiences could not have been replicated at any other time or on any other console. So saddle up and enjoy the ride!


Also in Issue 190:

  • First look at Hunted: The Demon’s Forge
  • Exclusive preview of UFC Undisputed 2010
  • Reviews of Battlefield Bad Company 2 and Just Cause 2
  • Win a PS3 & 8 top games
  • 3 free gifts: DVD, Cheats Book & double-sided Red Dead Poster